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November 2008: the Waiting Room

Half Moon Bay has been gorgeous for weeks now save a brief spell of rain. The house is a little empty, but I've found great ways to spend my free time. I cycle over the Hill to visit my friend Jesse each Wednesday, tutor Russell Crispin whenever I get the chance, read, run, and work a couple nights at Sushi Main Street. It's been pleasant all around. The big news is that I'll be moving to Washington DC in January. Right now it likes I'll most likely be without a job. Some contact with potentional employers had led me to believe that being in DC will help a lot, especially when it comes to getting interviews. DC has really mild winters, right?

Chris Darrouzet-Nardi Castle Rock

Above I am at Castle Rock State Park. Thanks to Clara Turner for the photograph.

Lake Tahoe

On the 24th through 26th of October a group of friends and I went up to north Lake Tahoe. We all really enjoyed it. Lake Tahoe - as many Californians know - is gorgeous. I had not been there since I can remember and felt blown away by its beauty. We found a spot along the lake that featured rock formations protruding from the water. We enjoyed walking, climbing and swimming in and around them. I strongly recommend a trip to the area.

Chris Darrouzet-Nardi, Linda Bao, Omeed Chandra, Chris Welden, Nathan Naze, Troy, Janet Young


Many of my friends in the area were bereft of Halloween plans until the morning of Halloween. After a flurry of emails, gchats and phone calls and texts we roped in all the contacted parties and got 13 people together in Half Moon Bay for a pasta gildone dinner. Afterwards we chatted, went to the beach and played mafia. Eights folks stayed over and in the morning we had a great eggs and potatoe breakfast. It was great to host so many close friends.

Jesse Cirimele, Josh Harmon, Ellie Loomis, Matt Turnbull, Leah, Cass Chen, Alan, Hannah Dibner, Chris Welden, Jess Seargeant, Megan Gee, Janet Young, Chris Darrouzet-Nardi

The Job Search

I am in the heart of job applications. The process can be tedious at times, but I'm excited about the places I've applied. Various levels of contact have been made. I'm confident in the search and match capabilities of the market. For now I'll continue to follow through, investigate new employment options and remain patient.

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