Englischer Garten, Munchen

August 2007: Summer Rambles On

My summer continues with more adventures and good times. My parents left for China on the 7th of August and - give or take a couple family visits - I'll now live alone until I leave on September 3rd for LSE.

18th Annual Vacation

Clan Darrouzet-Nardi has now gone on a summer vacation for eighteen consecutive years. Each year 'might be the last' we worry, but not this year. However, the trip was squeezed into only a few days of camping. We headed down the Pacific Coast to the Big Sur area where we camped for three nights. The highlight of the trip for me was our second campsite where we stayed for two days and whale-watched. Morning and afternoon the whales were out at sea with blowholes spouting, heads emerging, and tales rising and coming back down with a splash. The Slide Show's got all the action.

Kickin It

I'm still visiting friends whenever I get the chance. I visited was my childhood dog, Duncan. He's a long story for those who don't know him. He now lives with a kind family on the Sacramento River delta. I'd not seen him in about five years and seeing him again made me smile. He's now ten. He still looks as handsome as ever, but his energy level has fallen immensely. Now, he's the docile and friendly creature my parents had envisioned before getting him.

Continuing News

LSE is now a consummate reality. The accommodations office finally made me an offer and I accepted. I'll be living at the Bankside Residence, LSE's largest. It's right next door to the Tate Modern and also near the Globe Theater and Milleneum Bridge. It's all falling into place and I'm thrilled.

Bankside House, LSE

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