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May 2007: Life in Christchurch

New Zealand

I flew to New Zealand on February 4th. Upon arrival I cycled across much of the north and all of the south island. In all I cycled nearly 1,000 miles. New Zealand features countless natural attractions, many of which I saw. Afterwards, I moved to the city of Christchurch where I presently live. Situated on the east coast of the south island, Christchurch shelters a little over 350,000 New Zealanders. Luckily a room in city center became available while I was searching for a place to live, which means I live close to nearly all the best attractions. This summary epitomizes brevity to a fault. For a complete look at my time in New Zealand I direct you to a specially designed New Zealand webpage, including slide shows, a cycle tour recap and more detail about my life in Christchurch. Or jump directly to the slide shows:

Graduate School

Bottom line: I'm going. After hearing back from eleven universities I pack my things and leave for London in early September. The London School of Economics offered me a place in their master's program and I'd be a fool not to accept it. This offer fills me with unparalled joy. On a personal level it justifies my dedication and affirms my choice to work so hard while at UC San Diego. The university's prestige is admittedly something that I value and I am proud to attend LSE. The program lasts for one year, ending at the end of June. I found it exciting to learn that LSE has the largest social sciences library in the world.

Although first and foremost this means that I must again commit myself to studies it also means a year in the city of London. Obviously a world class city, the opportunities for an enjoyable year in London you'd be hard pressed to find an equivalent. Basically this boils down to being able to go to an Arsenal match or two. But it of course also means musuems, concerts, theater, parks, etc. And living in student accomodations will place me right in the heart of the city (crossing fingers I'll be ranked high enough in the accommodations lottery to be offered a residence!). See below for a map.

Notice to the North West: the British Museum; to the South West: Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery, the Library; across the River: the Tate Modern, National Theater, Millenium Bridge.

Another reason I look forward to returning to the UK is so that I might reunite with some European friends and return to Scotland. It's not every day I live in Europe and I have a handful of friends - mostly from the UK - with whom I would love to hang out with again. A return to Scotland would be great for me; it was the first place I travelled abroad at 14 and where I spent my year abroad. The thought of rediscovering the city of Glasgow and walking some of the same hikes I took while there gives me a reflective and complete sort of happiness.

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