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March 2009: Back in the World of Adventures

It's official: I'll be joining Foreign Service on March 30th, 2009. I'll be a part of USAID (United States Agency for International Development), serving as an economic growth junior officer. I am part of what is called DLI 5: the fifth group of the Development Leadership Initiative. What I do know is that I'll have a five week induction into the service through March, followed by a stretch of months for language training, and then I'll ship out overseas. What I don't know are some of the questions I'm most interested in: where I will have my first tour, how many people are in my class and which language I'll take. I'll check in at 8:00 in the morning at the Ronald Reagan building and be sworn in the first day.

All Else

I enjoyed greatly having the family all gathered in Half Moon Bay for two full weeks at Christmas. Never enough, but still much nicer than the six day Christmas' we've thrown together before.

A windy day at the bluffs

Otherwise, I tried to enjoy all the downtime I had while going through the application process. I visited many of my friends from days past, which was great. They lived scattered across the Bay. I got to have dinners, throw parties, hike, and hang out. As for the application process, it was quite involved between the medical and the security clearance. Not to mention the host of emails that came my way implying I was on the road to a spot as an FSO, but to "please note that this does not constitute an appointment into the Foreign Service or a job offer".

One great thing I did as a family christmas present was put up all the old family vacation photos. I found some from every year except 2002, when we went to Hawaii. Just as a taste here's one of me and Anthony:

11th, 2000, Nevada & Idaho

10th, 1999, Northern California

9th, 1998, Southwest

8th, 1997, Southwest

7th, 1996, Southern Sierras

6th, 1995, Idaho

5th, 1994, Southwest

4th, 1993, Southwest

3rd, 1992, Utah & Colorado

2nd, 1991, Idaho

1st, 1990 - Southwest


And finally...

I dress up to vote.

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