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January 2007: I Prepare to Depart for New Zealand

Brief New Zealand Update

This is to be my last update before I leave for New Zealand. I really ought to have more to say since I'll be moving there for around 6 months, but I still only know when I'm getting there. On February fifth I leave (left) for Auckland. Upon arrival my buddy and I hope to bike across the majority of both islands before eventually arriving in Christchurch. Christchurch is located on the eastern coast of the southern island. Here we will make our home. We have nothing lined up so far.

Christmas time for the Darrouzet-Nardis

As usual, the whole Darrouzet-Nardi family returned to Half Moon Bay for christmas time. An enjoyale and typical christmas was spent at the home. Below summarizes the week's activities. We decorate our christmas tree, Anthony and Jeanette hang out in the living room, and for the second straight year my mother spends her time with her friend, World of Warcraft. Is her character, Idran, in Scholo? UBRS? ZG? Molten Core? I'm unsure, but she's damn high level.

darrouzet-nardi family at christmas

The most creative and fun thing I did this christmas was to record a song. The song, 'Circle 'Round the Sun' is a traditional blues tune from way back. With the help of friend Jesse and Anthony, we figured the whole song out, learned to play the parts, and recorded it. It took many, many hours, but was well worth it. Jesse's family cherishes music and have a great setup for recording in their house (where are the pictures are taken). We recorded everything there. Aside from the guitar, the synth, and my golden voice, everything is the Cirimele's. We also got much appreciated help from his brother, Jason, and father, Ed. Below is the song, and further below is a collage of our project. Click to enlarge.

Circle 'Round the Sun

jesse cirimele, chris darrouzet-nardi, anthony darrouzet-nardi, jason cirimele, ed cirimele recording a song

Otherwise, my time has been spent in the normal manner. Working at Sushi Main street and spending time with friends. One morning my buddy and I woke up early and baked scones and brewed tea.

tea and scones

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