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4065 Front Street

The first quarter of my 4th year continues to be a full schedule. Over the last month I completed my frisbee season with PBR (see activities for explanation), have seen much progress at the Co-op, and steadily kept up with economics.

Club frisbee season ended rather poorly. After making it to nationals (held in Florida from Oct. 27th-30th), we failed to win a game out of seven tries and held seed at 16th of 16. That said, it was an amazing opportunity to play against real frisbee players - yes, they exist. The experience gained playing at such an elite tournament will assuredly serve me well for the college series. But before then I must wait for my swollen knee to drain itself.

From top left, going right, and snaking around: Trey, Rubble, Dubs, Bofa, Runner, Flakes, Stukel, Billings, Pro, Me, Stillman, Tom, Chris, (now kneeling, going to the left) Cliff, Thoopa, Nos, Kringer, Kevin, (sitting, furthest left, going right) Wormser, Dangle, Nami, and Rookie.

The Food Co-op is going through some monumental changes and being in the heart of it is both burdensome and rewarding. Recently, two of the oldest members said their farewells to our core - including Julia, my roommate - just as twelve new members were hired. Tears befell some of the older members as they saw, heard, and felt a change of the guard. On top of this transition that co-op is working hard to coordinate our satellite store for opening by no later than first week of the winter quarter. Currently stationed in the old student center, our expansion takes us to Price center, which is the center of UCSD's campus. Our clientele will shift from the liberal minded old student center loiterers to a greater mix of university students.

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