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Home Sweet Hillcrest: October, 2005

In an effort to escape the dry and hapless La Jolla, my friends and I moved to the cultural district of Hillcrest. Set more central within San Diego and near downtown Hillcrest features superb cuisine, a shimmering nightlife, us, and is predominantly gay.

My three roommates are all UCSD international studies students. I share a room with Tim Koster, an old Mountain View friend; Michelle Sisson, a girl I met first year from my dorms; and Julia Gundling, a girl I work with at the Food Co-op.

Tim   Michelle   Julia   Tasha

The roommates, from the left: Tim, Michelle, Julia, and honorary resident Tasha

Most exciting is that we had our house warming party. It was a purple, pink, or plaid party inspired by our outlandish burgundy carpet that layers the house with pyschedelic vibrance. I'd like to call the party a resounding success. Below are a couple pictures. For more pictures check out Michelle's (roommate) or Daniel's (friend).

UC San Diego academia feels the same as when I left it, which is great. I'm enrolled in three classes two of which are economics. My professors know their material and present it in an engaging way. My third course is a legally-based reproductive rights course which is superb. My professor is a women who knows what she is about and presents herself with supreme confidence. The class counts as my 'I know your a different major, but the professor is so good you should take it anyway' course.

I also returned to the Food Co-op, the all vegetarian/vegan student food store on campus. It is run collectively by fourteen core members. However, we are currently in the process of hiring and are looking to add eight or nine new core. The main reason for this increase is that we're close to opening a satellite store in our campuses center quad; this is new territory for the alternative nature of co-ops. We're all excited and anxious.

I am now over twenty minutes from UCSD, but the university provides an excellent shuttle service allowing me to awake an hour before class - pretty standard, really.

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