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July 2006: I re-settle in the Bay Area

After graduating from university I moved back home to the Bay Area. I now work as a waitor at Sushi Main Street. The staff is very friendly and the work busy, which is how I like it. My other plan for the time being is to look into graduate programs and prepare for applications this fall.

Several factors led to my move home. The first and most important was that I would be unable to scrape by in SD without obtaining a second job. That prospect was a little grim considering I would be leaving in the Fall anyway. In a way, this means to support one's self made the decision for me. The second reason, similar to the first, is that I hope to work abroad this winter, which will be costly. Luckily, I am now poised to save a sufficient amount from home. A third reason is that most of my close friends moved away from San Diego, which left me with a sense of stagnation. I had avoided thinking past graduation for a long time. It was a move both positive in that it allowed me to focus on completing my studies, but negative in that it left me in the predicament I found myself in after commencement. But I am now squared away for some months.

I spend my time working, hanging out with my family, going to the beach and the bluffs, reading, and doing other simple passtimes. A true relaxation from what my fourth year was like. Sometimes I get ansi to get on with something - my life, I think - but it passes when I realize I deserve a break between college and graduate school applications.

As I am engaged in far fewer activities than during school my webpage may have less exciting and less frequent updates. I'll work to avoid an archive status for my webpage, but no promises. Below is when I went out with some high school friends to send my friend Kevin Menchavez off. He's leaving for at least a year to teach English in Japan.

Chris Darrouzet-Nardi, Kevin Menchavez, Allison Cooper

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Updated August 3rd, 2006