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June 2006: My Time in University Draws to a Close

I graudate(d) on June 17th, 2006 at 8:30 in the morning on the greens of RIMAC from the University of California: San Diego. Twice within the last week it hit me that I'll no longer be a student. First, I watched my roommate try on her graduation gown and second I handed in my senior thesis to realize I've zero more assignments to complete.

Playing Guitar on Roof

This summer I stay in San Diego to work, play ultimate with PBR, and to enjoy the Cali sun. After my year-off plans fell through I no longer needed to return home in order to save money. This fall, I still plan to move back home in Half Moon Bay to apply to graduate schools and work. From there I ramble towards uncertainty, to find my fortune and make my family's name known. (That is for sixth months before starting into academia again.)

All sorts of things have happened this final quarter and I can happily say I made the best of it all.


It's funny to think that ultimate frisbee was the formative activity of my university career, but it's the truth. My time with the Air Squids came to and end on May 28th. We were defeated in the quarterfinals, leaving us tied for 5th at Nationals. I'm happy with how the season finished. I don't believe we were one of the four best teams in the nation, thus the result reflects our abilities. That's not to say I escaped disappointment. Tied for 5th in the country is a fine finish, but all year we'd hoped we could build our team to be a title contender. Below I score on of our five points against Wisconsin (a 15-5 loss) in the quarterfinals and raise my arms in a 'V' after scoring the winning goal in the prequarter game against Michigan State.

Score over Wisconsin Final Score against MSU

On a personal note, my tenure as a Squid ended spectacularly. I played well throughout the tournament and received some nice compliments from opponents at Nationals. I also found that older players are allowed to talk amongst one another, whereas normally teams are standoffish and hesitant to interact. One accolade I received was election to the 'All-region' team (look all the way at the bottom of the link). It's an honor given by the ultimate governing body, the UPA. And for my performance in the prequarter game - which allowed us to tie for fifth instead of playing for 9th - I got some praise in my college paper's writeup of nationals. Score over Wisconsin

A cool sequence of me jumping. Unfortunately, I didn't catch it. Fortunately, it was a D. We'll chalk the drop up to the Vicodin. Frisbee Gallery.


They are nearly completed. I've turned in my senior thesis and now have three finals during the week preceding graduation. Certainly what I appreciated most from UC San Diego as a university was the challenging economics department. I am happy to report that I will be graduating with 'highest distinction' from my department. Regarding my paper, I am excited that my professor wrote back to me a few hours after turning in my paper saying that he found it a 'lucid and intelligent exposition and analysis of a fascinating and difficult topic.' Download it as a pdf. The paper examines trade liberalization in Bolivia. And also, I was also invited to join Phi Beta Kappa, an honors society.

Socializing and All Else

My final quarter was wisely spent interacting with people as much as possible. I went biking, hiking, to the beach, hung out on my roof, went to numerous parties, but most importantly, I stayed on campus for hours and hours everyday with free time in the afternoons to catch up with people and get closer to them before 'twas too late.

Friday of 10th week, my housemates and I threw our final and most anticipated party: 'The Future You.' We allowed leeway with the theme because of how close it was to the end of the quarter. Still though, people showed up in some creative costumes including a mail-order bride, belligerent and unsupportive kindergarden teacher, and a 'regular' robot that seemed an awful lot like a sexy robot. And a good sized crowd showed up, probably around sixty people.

I broadcast on ksdt for the last time on June 5th. My radio program was a success if gauged on how much I enjoyed hosting it. Forcing so many studentspassing by the student center to listen to such prog legends as Genesis, Yes, and Jethro Tull was well worth my time. For the final show, I organized something special. I played Genesis' 'The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway' in its entirety and annotated the storyline between songs.

On May 12 we celebrated the UCSD festival, 'Sungod'. It is the single day of the year we act like university students. We wake up early to make ungodly morning specials; we arrive on campus to wake up the first and second years who still live there; we attend lower division physics courses and take the quizzes only to turn them in early and create a series of disturbances; we cause a raucous in Price Center and on Sungod lawn; and if we have energy we attend the concert at night. This year, I tried to actually enjoy the day rather than roll my eyes at the student hooligans and there juvenile antics.

Above: My buddy and I at around 6:30am in Pacific Beach, I'd been up for nearly two hours; My masterpiece: Clara. I braided a striking arrangments of flowers into her long, flowing hair; I'm with Ali in full rock god panoply.

Close to the beginning of the quarter I travelled to Austin to watch my cousin, Sarah, get married. My brother and little sister attended as the representatives of our family. I added a Wedding Page for the event.

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