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April 2006: The Beginning of the End

UCSD's spring quarter 2006 began the first week of April, which means I stand ready to graduate at the end of the term. Mainly I feel excited to receive a diploma from a four-year university. I have little anxiety, although I have little planned for after graduation. I will likely remain in Hillcrest for the summer and in the fall return to Half Moon Bay to apply to graduate schools and landscape my families backyard. But these plans are subject to change.


The end of last quarter was hectic, but I got through with pretty good grades and a fun spring break trip. The frisbee team travels every year to compete in Austin Texas at a tournament called Centex. It's the most competetive tournament of the year - possibly even more than nationals. The Squids had a short side and we got horribly fatigued by the five games on day one. We showed some signs of good play though. centex collage Chris Darrouzet-Nardi Above are a couple pictures of me playing. I can never get a good picture of me playing, which I narcistically desire. In fact, one that was missed was a grab against Wisconsin - a layout catch block to prevent a goal - which prompted the Wisconsin sideline to note that 'that was one of the best grabs I've ever seen'; or so my teammate told me. Above I am in the air after being fowled flagrantly, and in the other frame I'm getting beat up the line for a couple yard gain... (*mini edit on May 5th. I got a couple pictures from regionals here.)

After the tournament we rented a beach house in the 793 person Surfside city in Texas, along the Gulf of Mexico. The result is exactly what you'd expect from nearly forty people: half girls, half guys. Normally, the activity proves a little too much for me, but everyone is considerate of those who are less inclined to mayhem. A great bonding experience, indeed. I have attended Spring Break every year at UCSD. One great tradition lingers still: dying facial hair jet black.


I loaded my final quarter up with a lot of hard classes (not out of choice). I'm enrolled in econometrics, international trade, a senior essay seminar, and differential equations. It's all necessary to graduate.

I've decided to take it upon myself to take math/science/engineering students down a peg. Allow me to explain. Students at UCSD are required to take upper division courses outside their major for disciplinary breadth. The eggheads always register for a 'useless' or 'fluffy' art history course or a film course in the literature department or something similar. Then they proceed querrulously about how uncessary the course is because they'll never need it. Well I don't like how those math/science/engineering students can waltz over to my department and take a course (it's actually a little harder to do this in economics rather than history, lit, poli-sci, etc.) without any prereqs. So, in retaliation I'm taking a 'useless' upper division math course because I can.

Otherwise it's the same old activities of which I have been a part. I guess I'll have to wrap all of my activities up at the end of this term.

You may or may not have noticed in the ultimate pictures above, but I straightened my hair just before departing for Texas. When not in a pony tail it looks like this:

Chris Darrouzet-Nardi, straight hair

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