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February 2006: Prez Day Update; Winter Quarter in Full Swing

I write this update on President's Day weekend, when I finally had some respite from all of my obligations.

I focused effectively this weekend on spending time with family and friends and avoiding my otherwise time consuming activities. I spent Saturday with my family who came down from Irvine. We visited downtown La Jolla and went out for Indian. My sister spent the night and on Sunday we went to the farmers market, Mission Bay and Beach, and to Hillcrest district center. On Monday I went on a great bike ride with Tim and Michelle to a nearby park where we frollicked in the sun.

Chris and Michelle at Presidio

The frisbee season is upon me. I've now competed in two major tournaments: Santa Barbara and Las Vegas. Both tournaments left me and many of the others unsatisfied. The only settling point is that only one team has beat us by more than two points. And only two by more than one point. That means we've got to find our psyche and lock it in. I've been lucky to play a lot of points and because of that I'm really able to enjoy the physical competition frisbee offers.

Dollar, Wormser, Finch, Thoopa, Phelps, Big Mike, and we're missing one... (frisbee is 7v7)

A couple weeks ago my house threw another party. And another success. The theme was 'hot model'. Our main prop, the catwalk, drew a lot of traffic and enthusiasm. Below is a collage that you can click on to enlarge. To see other party pictures check out Daniel's or Michelle's.

Hot Model Collage

In the final weeks of the quarter I'll be back at the grind.

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