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January 2006: My Penultimate Quarter at UCSD Begins

After a great holiday that included a trip to Washington D.C. and relaxing at my home in Half Moon Bay, I am trying to settle into another quarter at UCSD. My beginning-of-the-quarter checklist of various tasks from petitions to vendor organization at the co-op is unfortunately not yet completed.

I find myself happiest when I've got a full schedule. And that's precisely what I've got this quarter. I'm juggling four real classes, ultimate frisbee, over fifteen hours at the co-op, and a weekly radio show.

The co-op has finally opened it's expansion store, of which I am very proud. Being a part of the core that oversaw the final fruition of the labor of many past cores is rewarding and a privledge. When I first began work at the co-op coming on three years ago the real planning of this new store had scarcely begun and I watched the old core start the ball rolling. The whole process of opening the store is a testament to the power of the ever-changing collective and the continuity that makes us so unique. It's a historic achievment for UCSD co-ops. Below is a picture of the new store in full swing.

UCSD Food Co-op, New Store

A new frisbee season is upon me, the college series. After the less than spectacular club season finish with PBR, I am once again practicing four times a week for the UCSD Air Squids. This is probably what I am most excited about, especially considering our talent. I consider our team as a contender for the nationals title. This weekend I head to Santa Barabara where the team first tests its mettle versus other competitive college teams.

My radio show on KSDT debuted on January 23rd. My show lasts two hours on Mondays from 4pm-6pm. This time slot is wonderful considering it's my first quarter. Someone with my experience is likely to have ended up with four to six a.m. I play progressive rock (prog) from mainly the 70s, but also 80s, 90s, and present. Tune in! You can also call in at 858-534-KSDT or instant message me during the program at the screename 'ksdtradio'.

Me in the Studio

DJing in the studio

And on top of everything else is the ever-looming college graduation, which has me thinking of GREs and of what I am going to do next year.

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