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Activities: Winter, Spring 2006

With only a little more than one quarter remaining at UCSD I'm fitting as many things into my schedule as possible. I'm really enjoying everything, although at times I feel inundated. But I want to live up my remaining time in university.

Aside from four demanding upper division courses I'm engaged in four main activities: ultimate frisbee with the Air Squids (see website to the right), work at the UCSD Food Co-op, hosting a weekly radio program that showcases progressive rock, and playing in an indoor community soccer league near my place.

Ultimate Frisbee

I play the surprisingly intense and competitve sport of ultimate frisbee. My team, the Air Squids, are ranked highly this season. We've not broken into the top five, but I think we could. We practice four or five times a week (one is track), and are likely to add an additional six practice for throwing. Frisbee is my top priority and I'm eager to really start beating some good teams. Below I make a defensive catch to prevent a score against Colorado State at the Regionals tournament. We qualified for nationals. For the most recent updates see the score reporter, offered by the Ultimate Disc Association (UPA).

#10 UCSD Air Squids, Christopher 'Phelps' Darrouzet-Nardi skies a player from Colorado State

Food Co-op

I am an employee of the UCSD Food Co-op, a non-hierarchical and student-run organization. I work over 15 hours a week and also give around three volunteer hours every week. Recently, we've not been as perfectly coordinated as in the past. Two significant factors contribute to this. First is that our core is now 28 people, and adding one this weekend. I'm not sure the core has ever been this large. Meeting are congested and keeping track of everyone is very difficult. The second is that we've opened a new store and working out the details are hard, especially without a hierarchy. No one is allowed to make uniform policies and set standards to make everyone know the roles. It's been hard, but rewarding. We're all very proud of being a part of the new opening.

UCSD Food Co-op, New Store

Radio Show

One of my favorite activities each week is hosting a radio show. I play progressive rock, mainly from the 70s, but also prog up until and including now. The show runs every Monday from 4pm-6pm and is accessible from the KSDT website. My favorite prog bands are Gabriel-era Genesis, Renaissance, and Yes. For a sample play this link. I partially annotate a twenty-three minute epic by Genesis called Supper's Ready.

Me in the Studio

Indoor Soccer

Once a week I compete in an indoor league in North Park, one of San Diego's districts. I was recruited by an old frisbee friend who has since graduated. We recently began our second season with our team. The first ended in first place. However, we were placed in the lowest division. We've now moved up and are facing tougher teams. It is great to be able to place soccer again, even if indoor.

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