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Sarah's Wedding: April 15th, 2006

Over Easter weekend my brother, sister, and I went to Austin Texas for our cousin, Sarah's, wedding. She turned 25 recently and is now married to a man named Bart, who works in the film industry. His current project included a rather large film budget for a science-fiction movie.

In addition to watching one of my cousin's being wed, it was also a great pleasure to see all of my other cousins again. Most of them I had not seen in over four years when I went to a reunion over Thanksgiving. Anthony hadn't seen them all for seven years. Not surprisingly, we fell right back into it as if we'd spent time together last week.

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A final bonus of the trip was spending time in Texas' capital. Although I visited Austin only three weeks before the wedding for a frisbee tournament, I toured the city for the first time. There's certainly more to see, but I liked what I saw. I walked along the river and hung out in the South Congress district.

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