Bryce Canyon Darrouzet-Nardi Family

I am the middle child of a Silicon Valley family. I have a big brother Anthony, 30, and a little sister Jeanette, 18. My mother's name is Bonnie and my father's Chris.

Chris Anthony Jeanette Angel's Landing

Here are the kids at Angel's Landing in Zion (2008). We're looking over a sheer 1500 foot cliff edge.

Family Updates

May 2011. My mother came to visit me in Colombia. We had a great time in coffee country.

September 2010. After 20 years of annual family vacations, circumstances prevented a 21st. Anthony spent 5 months in Alaska at Toolik Lake Field Station. See Anthony's midterm update on his website! It is currently the homepage, thus an update may displace the content. However, Jeanette came to live with me for seven months in Bogota and a merry time was had. Sadly, the Hoodoos may be on what turns out to be indefinite hiatus - stay tuned!

December 2009. The family enjoyed a productive 19.5th annual vacation to the land of Azeroth. Our company of five trolls (hunter, rogue, mage, priest, and warrior) enjoyed a great expansion of powers - from level 1 to 38. We have since played as a family a couple times every few weeks. Below we're in our low 50s at the Temple of Atal'Hakkar.

August 2008. The 19th annual family vacation was stellar. Returning to our southwest roots, we went on a whirlwind tour of Colorado and Utah National Parks. We saw Great Sand Dunes National Park, Mesa Verde, Hovenweep National Monument, Bryce and Zion. We camped five nights in a row in five different locations and then stayed in a comfortable B&B in Zion. Anthony called it the most collaborative family vacation to date. It's true. What he meant was that everyone pitched in and together we got things done: camp set-up, delicious meals, driving, and organizing. It was greatly enjoyed by all parties. Slide Show

August 2007. The family hit the road again for a family vacation, the 18th annual. Crammed into a packed summer, we stole away from the Bay Area for five days. Anthony flew in from Colorado. We journeyed down to Big Sur State Park, which is about four or five hours south driving along the coast of California. There is a slide show.

August 2006. Our 17th annual trip took us to Boulder Colorado. There we met up with Anthony and went to camp in one of Colorado's National Parks, Black Canyon of the Gunnison. It's a deep and remarkably narrow gorge with a river at the bottom that offers majestic views and great hikes. We also spent a little time in the city of Boulder, which was very nice.

August 2005. We recently took our 16th annual family summer vacation. Travelling to Northern California we camped in the Marble Mountain Wilderness area and also visited Redwoods National Park - home of the tallest trees in the world. With this trip my family consummated our visits to the famous trees of California: the redwoods - the world's tallest; the sequoias - the world's largest; and the bristlecone pines - the world's oldest. That's right, they're all in California. And Anthony created a slide show.