View Of Our Skyline to Sea Terrain

Senior Guy Backpacking Trip: Spring 2002

Near the end of my high school career I went backpacking with nine other senior guys. We traversed the Skyline to Sea Trail in the Santa Cruz mountains, a total distance of around eighteen miles. The crew consisted of Victor Calderon, Josh Harmon, Antonio Luo, Omeed Chandra, Adriel Rodriguez, Gareth Blakemore, Anthony Caligaris, Cesar Molina, Jesse Cirimele, and myself. Below is a slideshow of our adventure (brief disclaimer: keeping in mind the trip comprised no less than ten high school senior boys, a couple of the photos might - by some - by considered mildly crude).

>Slide Show

What began as a large, diverse Environmental Club backpacking trip quickly became the hallmark senior guy outdoor trip. Early in the planning the trip included a group of sophomore girls and a few senior girls in addition to us. The sophomores dropped out early. In cascading fashion all but a single girl dropped out. Laura Hess, the remaining girl, would have jumped at this sort of indulgence, but became unable to commit after another obligation arose. And that left just the ten of us.

The hike began on Saturday morning and concluded Sunday. However, the amount of testosterone-filled adventure that took place was highly respectable. Examples of such adventure include standing naked atop waterfalls, trying to catch a large fish barehanded between ten fit men and failing, crossing slippery, precarious logs over streams, and jumping into cold pools. But I'll let the slide show speak for us.

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Waiting to Fish