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Washington D.C.: Winter Break 2005

Over Winter Break I travelled to Washington D.C.

Over winter break I flew to Washington D.C. to visit my brother's friend, Ian Danforth, and to meet my father's friend's daughter, Madeline. Spending time with both of them was great because they're interesting and intelligent people. While there I was also lucky enough to see much of the city. Below is a slide show of many of the places I saw.

Slide Show

Ian works in D.C. and lives with his girlfriend, Andrea, both of whom my brother knows well. Andrea enrolls at George Washington for graduate school. They were overly generous in letting me stay with them for so long. I am now in debt to them both. Ian and Andrea recommended nearly all of the places I visited and Ian went with me to many of them. Having guides in cities your visiting helps a lot and I was thankful they helped me.

Madeline was very nice; we got to hang out two of the nights I was in D.C. The first night we met for the first time and ate at an affordable and scrumptous Thai restaurant. I asked her a lot about her job at the NGO where she works. It was exciting to speak with someone relatively close to my age who headed out to DC and found work with an NGO. The second night she took me to an exhibit she was volunteering at called Postsecret. It's a cool sight and I recommend checking it out.

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