Abroad Collage

Study Abroad - Glasgow, Scotland: 2004-2005

For my junior year I studied abroad in the spirited and industrial Glasgow. My sentiments are those of many students who chose to study abroad: the best experience of my time at university. Spending the entire academic year in another country offers gratification on a great number of levels. I still become sad at times when I reminisce about the friends I made, the city I rambled through, and the seemlingly mundane routines I grew accostumed to, which let me know I truly lived in Glasgow.

Many people - including the Glaswegians - asked me why I chose Glasgow. One part of the equation is that I wanted an English speaking country in order to keep up my academics. But the primary reason is that I've been drawn there for one reason or another since I was a child. Somewhere along the way someone or something exposed me to the idea of Scotland and I thought highly of it ever after. My father and I travelled to Scotland when I was fourteen; it was the only country in Europe I'd been to before studying abroad. I loved the trip and was eager to return. And that I did, for a full year.

Spending time abroad allowed me to grow a lot as an indivdual. Many of the most important human qualities that come with maturity and self-confidence I gained or improved upon while abroad. On top of the academics and the friends I made in the international community, these qualities truly made the experience special.

With the nutshell glance of my time abroad taken care of, I direct you to the features pages and slide shows for more information on my time abroad.