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Bankside Residence, 24 Sumner Street, London, SE1 9JA, UK                                           (Phone)+44 0870 03666666-22748                                                                      


For the 2007/2008 academic year I lived in London, Britain. On the 4th of September I arrived to enroll in my yearlong masters program in economics. Within London I lived in Southwark. Southwark is in central London, considered Zone 1 by the underground. The northern boundry of the borough is the river Thames. My residence, Bankside, is directly behind the Tate Modern. From my window I could see the Tate's backside, St Paul's Cathedral across the river, and a tiny sliver of the Thames.

The London School of Economics is on the opposite side of the Thames. I crossed Blackfriars bridge and walked along or in Mid Temple Inn each day to go to class. Right across from LSE is the headquarters of the BBC. Just to right (east) is the Royal Courts of Justice. Below is a picture of LSE at night, taken of the quad in front of the library (lit doors on the far left).