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Home Sweet Hillcrest

In an effort to escape the dry and hapless La Jolla, my friends and I moved to the cultural district on Hillcrest. Set more central within San Diego and near downtown the city features superb cuisine, a shimmering nightlife, us, and is predominantly gay.

My three roommates are all UCSD international studies students. I share a room with Tim Koster, an old Mountain View friend; Michelle Sisson, a girl I met first year from my dorms; and Julia Gundling, a girl I worked with at the Food Co-op.

Tim   Michelle   Julia  

The roommates, from the left: Tim, Michelle, and Julia

Our neighbors are great, especially our backdoor neighbors. A couple, Mike and Sue, live behind us. They are very friendly and helpful. From the first moment the girls arrived Mike helped with some shelving installation. And since we've eaten dinner together a lot before parties or just for fun. Sue generously brings over delicious food, mostly baked if memory serves, that always seems to arrive at the best possible time. We are very fortunate to have such great neighbors. Below is a picture from Mike and Sue's 30th anniversery party.

Mike and Sue

I am now over twenty minutes from UCSD, but the university provides an excellent shuttle service allowing me to awake an hour before class - pretty standard, really.