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Notice to Friends: I am still in Bogota, Colombia until the beginning of 2012. Plan a visit while there is still time!

August 2011: the Beginning of a Beautiful Narrative

I spent much of the summer in the States and then being visited by my high school friends. Certainly a summer to remember in more ways than one.

the Boys Visit

Ever too rarely I get to spend time with some of my hometown friends, Jesse Cirimele, Josh Harmon, and Tim Koster. In August, four of us managing to align our schedules (not dissimilar from rare star alignments). For me the trip was about spending time with them. For them, it was that and to check out South America (where only Tim had before been).

Tim Koster, Joshua Harmon, Chris Darrouzet-Nardi, Jesse Cirimele
We did a lot of fun things: visited Cali, watched Colombia beat Costa Rica in the U20 World Cup, explored parts of Bogota I'd not been to, shaved some heads, played some Setters (I went 6-3), and rode a Chiva bus. To document the trip, all three of them brought really nice cameras. I didn't take a single photo, but we've got close to 2000! Check some of them out from the boys in Bogota slideshow. Others available via the site index.

Boston and North Carolina

I spent the month of July in America. Before the trip I'd been in the states for only 2 weeks in a year and a half! It was nice to be home for a bit. Well 'home', I really spent all my time on the East Coast. I began the trip in Boston where I met my now-girlfriend, Mia Fischer (h/t Michelle Sisson). Afterwards, I went to Duke University where I took a four-week, intensive course. The course focused on cost-benefit analysis for development projects. But it also covered a number of important subjects like agriculture, epidemiological studies, randomized controlled trials, infrastructure improvement, and more. I miss the rigor the class offered. I hope to employ some of the skills I learned in my career with USAID.

Amelia Fischer Mia Fischer Chris Christopher Darrouzet-Nardi

By the end, I had a great month. Around the coursework I traveled to Massachusetts twice and drove to western North Carolina, spending time with Mia. In Massachusetts we spent time in the Berkshires, Tanglewood, Cape Cod, and Boston. In North Carolina we began in Research Triangle and then headed west to Pisgah National Forest, Asheville, and the Blue Ridge Mountains. The second time I returned to Boston we did a road trip up to Vermont.

the Fantastical Narrative

A brief update: The story continues with richer detail and ever more engaging characters. The real news is that we've hit the one hour mark for recorded music and the 50,000 word mark for the written part.

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